Friday, July 14, 2017

The Doom Patrol & Dynamic Duo

Here's my mock cover of a Silver Age Doom Patrol.  I made Gerard Way & Nick Derington's "Doom Patrol" relaunch my new series of the year in 2016, but this recently released Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Omniboo collecting the entirety of the Arnold Drake & Bruno Premiani run from 1963 to 1968 has lovingly enveloped me in its fantastic weirdness.  It's truly bizarre and wonderful stuff that's far more reminiscent in tone to the suspense/horror comics of the 1950s than that of the original Kirby/Lee "X-Men" I've always heard it compared to.  The run benefits greatly from the ability to build tension by telling continuing stories, something that didn't happen so much until those Silver Age superhero days.

Also posted is a drawing of Splinter & Casey Jones from TMNT.  I'm not thrilled with how Splinter turned out, but Casey looks good enough...

I'm still very into Ride's "Weather Diaries" album.  It has real staying power for me, but I've also been vacillating between DJ Shadow's "The Less You Know, The Better" (2011) & the new Broken Social Scene, "Hug of Thunder" between podcasts of late.

Check out my comic book, Spinner-Rack #1 (80 Pages / Black & White).  It's available on Etsy, at Arcane Comics, and at the Fantagraphics Store & Gallery (both in Seattle).

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